“Champions Online” Free To Play Relaunch Goes Off Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Yesterday, January 25th, Cryptic Studio’s superhero MMO ” Champions Online” went Live with it’s new Free To Play model, and the game’s population has octupled.

Yesterday, January 25th, Cryptic Studio’s superhero MMO ” Champions Online” went Live with it’s new Free To Play model.

Twenty four hours since launch, the game’s population has octupled.  You hearing me, “City of Heroes” and “DCUO”?! OCTUPLED!

There’s no official word from Cryptic yet on just how successful this has all been on their end, but I predict some pretty happy faces on some pretty tired developers.

In related news, “Champions Online” executive director also revealed the name of their next Adventure Pack, which is a 2-3 hour story arc that scales with the players level and offers plenty of new titles and costume pieces. It’s called “Resistance”, and we don’t know anything about it right now other than it takes place in Multifaria, an Earth with an alternate timeline where many of Millenium City’s heroes are in face evil tyrants that rule the planet with an iron fist.

And a big ‘congratulations’ to me for winning Cryptic’s “Character Contest“! My character will soon be featured in the game as a quest-giving NPC! More details on that as it arrives!


This just in: A new powerset has been revealed called “Heavy Weapons”. The set has you use massive, powerful, but slow melee weapons for incredible crushing damage.

Product placement means prizes – Empire of Sports MMO


We are all used to in-game product placement, those vote Obama adverts in EA games like Battlefield and Burnout for instance. Now the online competitive sports title Empire of Sports is teaming up with winter sports equipment brand Völkl to bring us prizes in return. Continue reading “Product placement means prizes – Empire of Sports MMO”

Monday XBL shuts down.

Just a friendly reminder that on Monday the XBox Live service will be out of action for a full 24-hours. If you need a quick fix of Halo or Call of Duty on the console then now is really your last chance to get in some good times.

Microsoft are also running a few competitions this weekend to keep things buzzing before they go offline so it might be worth taking a look to see what’s going on. For PS3 users however all is normal and will continue to be so. It’s hard to imagine a world without XBL now especially with all the fanboys arguing that it’s a great service or that it’s bad you have to pay to play. Anyway, time is running out. For some the best XBL game will forever be Halo 2, but what do you think? As usual comments are always welcome here at SWL where gaming matters.

TheWB.com Is 100% New Media Friendly

I love it when a company is proactive in being New Media friendly. Give users your content whenever and where ever is so pleasing.

TheWB.com is aiming for just that. Going public Aug 27, TheWB.com features older WB shows along with new original web series. Not only will this content be available on TheWB.com – it will also be on Dailymotion, Joost, Sling Media, TiVo and Veoh Networks! They already have a Facebook application that allows users to share The WB content.

Continue reading “TheWB.com Is 100% New Media Friendly”