Boost Oxygen

In these times of wildfires and dirty air, it’s time to breathe cleaner air with Boost Oxygen. It is 95% Pure Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen.

Ever get a little light headed? Grab some Boost Oxygen to help clear it up.

It comes in a super easy to use and light weight aluminum canister. Put your mouth within the lips of the canister and press the trigger button. Oxygen will come rushing out. The largest canister should last about 200 one-second inhalations.

They do have several different aromas to choose from such as peppermint, pink grapefruit, menthol-eucalyptus, and rosemary.

Boost Oxygen is literally a breath of fresh air and we all need clean air to survive. So you might as well treat your body especially in times of need.

Doctor Plotka’s Travel ToothBrush

Ever travel and think about how nasty your toothbrush gets in that bag? Even if you stay at home your toothbrush has a build up of bacteria after every use. It’s awful and bad for your teeth and gums.

Doctor Plotka’s Travel ToothBrush is a pretty smart design. You can fold the toothbrush to protect its bristles. Even the bristles are made differently than other toothbrushes. They’re long and soft with 1 micrometer diameter tips. So they reach deep into the grooves. They’re made of polyester bristles so they outlast nylon bristles. The most important part is that it includes antimicrobial silver technology, which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria within 6 hours after brushing.

With its smart design and smart tech there’s no reason not to use Doctor Plotka’s Travel ToothBrush. It’s cleaner than any regular toothbrush.

Silken Pure

If you’re having problems staying asleep, maybe you should look into Silken Pure sleep masks. They’re made with 100% pure mulberry silk.

The feeling is luxurious very light weight and soft. Most importantly it blocks out all light so you won’t wake up until you’re ready too.

As the night goes on you’ll be happy to know that the pure silk contains 18 amino acids that through its smooth fibers hold moisture. It will leave your skin feeling hydrated.

Of course since this is something you’ll be putting on your face night after night it’s good to know it’s hypoallergenic too. So it’ll keep your skin from bacteria and allergens like dust mites that cause irritations and breakouts.

With Silken Pure sleep mask, you’ll easily be able to fall asleep no matter what position you like.