Gamology Live – BLAIR WITCH

Gamology Live – BLAIR WITCH

? Blair Witch ???? Where's our camcorder?!

Posted by Gamology – The Best of Gaming on Monday, September 16, 2019

Eagle Eyes Blade NL Review

With LED headlights and streetlights getting brighter and brighter, night time driving is straining your eyes more than ever before. To help solve this problem Eagle Eyes has a Night-Lite lineup of glasses for night time driving.

I picked up the Blade NL as its lens wrap around your field of view. They really do feel like the glasses disappear, which helps limit visual distractions like light leakage and blind spots caused by a frame.

The yellow non-polarized lens filter cuts down the blue light. So your sight will become more uniformed to shades of yellow. Those moments of being blinded by oncoming LED headlights are greatly reduced.

The frame fits well on my face. It’s polycarbonate with nose grips is and soft temple tips. This helps for long night road trips. They don’t feel heavy on the nose or ears.

Considering all those factors, it’s a no-brainer you should pick up Eagle Eyes Blade NL and protect your eyes during night time driving.

Silk Wallet Slayer Vol 1 Review

I’ve been using Silk phone cases (Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9) for a several years now and there’s a reason for that. I’ve dropped my phone many times while wearing this case and my phone is fine.

Most recently I dropped my Galaxy S10 face down onto concrete. I thought my phone would be destroyed. I picked it up and there wasn’t a scratch on the screen.

The body of the case feels very unified. The back is a soft and smooth rubber while the edges have a grippy texture.

I love using the card holder to place parking passes for easy and quick access.

On Silk’s website you can add artwork to help flare up your case. You can also print your own design to make it truly unique.

SofaBaton R2 Roku Remote Review

Almost every review that I’ve read for Roku products complains that you can’t program the remote. The SofaBaton R2 Roku Remote fixes that issue.

At first glance the SofaBaton R2 Roku Remote looks and feels very similar to a typical Roku remote. The bottom portion functions how you’d expect. The top portion is the programmable part.

Programming its buttons is very simple. The included instructions are easy to understand.

The SofaBaton R2 Roku Remote includes 13 programmable buttons. So each could launch different channels, turn on/off your TV, soundbar, etc. It’s a Universal IR Remote. It’s not compatible with Bluetooth or Wifi-enabled devices. It does require direct line of sight with a Roku player to work.

It’s compatible with Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4, Roku Premier+, Roku Express+, Roku Ultra. It’s not compatible with Roku sticks and Roku TV.

So if you have multiple devices and are tired of using multiple remotes to control them, the SofaBaton R2 Roku Remote could be the perfect solution.

Captain Marvel ScreenX Showing Review

Throughout my years of movie going, I’ve experienced many gimmicks. Generally, they’re fun reasons to stop watching Netflix and head down to my local theater. Have these gimmicks ever saved a movie from being terrible? No. But at least they’ve given me fun and lasting memories.

At Comic Con in Hall H I experienced my first three screen movies. However these experiences were baked around trailers/previews. It was breathtaking to see this style added to trailers so when I heard Captain Marvel offered such a treat I jumped at it.

The format is called ScreenX and it offers a 270 degree view of a film. It’s like VR without the headset. The front screen projects the film while the sides offer peripheral views. The side screens feel stretched, blurred, and darker than the front screen. I guess this style helps you focus on the front screen.

Specifically for Captain Marvel not all scenes had this format. The vast majority of the film is without the side screens. So every now and then the side screens turn on and off. This is where the vast distraction comes from. If the side screens always projected video I might be able to focus on the front movie screen more so.

I do think that this format is much better than 3D. Not having to wear heavy glasses only to see blurry images is a massive plus.

My hopes would be that in future maybe the side screens could offer more valuable footage than what Captain Marvel did. Also it would be very cool to mix in some D-BOX seats so the seats move with the film. That combo of ScreenX with D-BOX would be something very special.

For now ScreenX is a promising format, and I hope more movies support adding extra content to the side screens for the full-length of the film.