Captain Marvel ScreenX Showing Review

Throughout my years of movie going, I’ve experienced many gimmicks. Generally, they’re fun reasons to stop watching Netflix and head down to my local theater. Have these gimmicks ever saved a movie from being terrible? No. But at least they’ve given me fun and lasting memories.

At Comic Con in Hall H I experienced my first three screen movies. However these experiences were baked around trailers/previews. It was breathtaking to see this style added to trailers so when I heard Captain Marvel offered such a treat I jumped at it.

The format is called ScreenX and it offers a 270 degree view of a film. It’s like VR without the headset. The front screen projects the film while the sides offer peripheral views. The side screens feel stretched, blurred, and darker than the front screen. I guess this style helps you focus on the front screen.

Specifically for Captain Marvel not all scenes had this format. The vast majority of the film is without the side screens. So every now and then the side screens turn on and off. This is where the vast distraction comes from. If the side screens always projected video I might be able to focus on the front movie screen more so.

I do think that this format is much better than 3D. Not having to wear heavy glasses only to see blurry images is a massive plus.

My hopes would be that in future maybe the side screens could offer more valuable footage than what Captain Marvel did. Also it would be very cool to mix in some D-BOX seats so the seats move with the film. That combo of ScreenX with D-BOX would be something very special.

For now ScreenX is a promising format, and I hope more movies support adding extra content to the side screens for the full-length of the film.


Eagle Eyes 3in1 Vintage Round Glasses Review

Digital light lens.

I think by now many of us have heard someone say something about blue light and how it’s harming our eyes. Probably not many of us have acted upon this news.

But what if I were to tell you that blue light is all around us 24/7? Don’t you think your eyes deserve some relief? I’m not suggesting you try to stick to a New Years Resolution of using your smartphone for less hours, as we know you won’t.

You could though use these Eagle Eyes 3in1 Vintage Round glasses. They help prevent eyestrain whether you’re looking at a computer screen, night time driving, or during the daytime to block blue light and UVA & UVB rays.

What’s included in the box.

Your first question is do they actually work? Well Eagle Eye glasses use NASA-certified technology. So yes they do work. I spend a lot of time starring at my Surface Studio 2‘s giant screen and immediately I noticed a difference. The screen looks just as clear, but my eyes feel as if they are less strained. The glasses are super light so I could easily imagine wearing them for a full shift of computer work.

I have experienced problems with being outside at night with LED car headlights or LED street lights. Running around my block or driving my car there’s a heck of a lot of glare. I constantly am putting my hand up to help block oncoming car’s headlights. The Night-Lites glasses removed the harshness from these light sources. In a way it reminded me of what night life was like 15 years ago before LED lights were even on the streets. It was still just as bright as ever, but night got its warm tone light back.

The hook is in the middle. Silver square magnets on the sides.

Adding the second pair of lenses is easy to do. Hook either the Polarized Lens or Night-Lites on your frame and they’ll magnetize on the sides. This makes the lens stick on the frame. This system is very discrete. I don’t think a person would notice that your wearing two layers of lens.

Night-Lites lens

There’s no reason why you won’t be satisfied with Eagle Eyes 3in1 Vintage Round Glasses. They seem like a great way to keep your eyes healthy.

Click here to learn more about the health effects of blue light.

Polarized lens

MATRIX PowerWatch 2

Power The Next Gen Smartwatch

This is a fascinating IndieGoGo campaign for a smartwatch that powers itself. As we all know, one of the worst things about smartwatches it that you have to take them off to charge them. The Matrix PowerWatch 2 features two ways of charging with thermoelectric generators and all-new solar-cell technology. This should generate more than enough energy to operate the built-in intelligent heart rate monitor, wherever, whenever.

Never having to think about whether or not your smartwatch is charged before you head out the door sets your mind at ease and saves you time. Compared to the original PowerWatch the some additional new features include notifications, GPS, heart rate sensor, and the screen is presented in color.

These are huge leaps in tech so we shall see how well they work together when this watch arrives later this year.