Pure-Sky Magic Deep Clean Cleaning Cloth

If you looking to clean around the house this Holiday season then you might want to consider the Pure-Sky Magic Deep Clean Cleaning Cloth.

As we all want to kill those pesky bacteria, right now is the perfect time to start cleaning. With this cloth you won’t need to add detergent. You can add water and it will remove 99% bacteria.

Pure-Sky Magic Deep Clean Cleaning Cloth can be used on both surfaces and floors. So you can attach it to your floor mop to dust around all areas of your house.

As I was using it I did feel static electricity. So it seems as if the dust is getting sucked to the cloth. I tried using it to clean the entire of my car and I did like it more than a typical paper towel.

When you’re done using it you can rinse it off in the laundry.

Bright Memory

As the story goes Bright Memory is an indie game made by one person in China. As you’ll see from the trailer the work is impressive.

Bright Memory is an intense over the top first person shooter. You’ll spend the time switching between shooting and melee attacks. Every now and then there’s a puzzle to figure out before you can move onto the next battle.

Sadly the game itself is short and you’ll probably beat it in a couple hours. The visuals are cool enough to make you want to play it all the way through. If you get Bright Memory on the Xbox Series X you’ll be able to enjoy it all at a smooth 60fps.


Get ready for a car race full of challenge and artistry. There’s a reason why not everyone can be a professional rally driver. WRC 9 will confirm that you should stick to your day job.

Impressively WRC 9 has almost 559 miles of road to race through. With diverse locals such as Japan, New Zealand and Kenya. The tracks are cramped, but the vistas are a beauty. If you make the slightest wrong twitch of the stick you’ll quickly find yourself falling off cliffs, or flying through the air after hitting a boulder.

You will be able to enjoy WRC 9 on both the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X at a new 4K 60FPS. The extra frames should help your mastery of the course.

As they say practice makes perfect and that’s what you’ll be doing in WRC 9.

NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 is the cleanest basketball game out there. With the power of the Xbox Series X or Playstation 5 you question whether or not this is a real life game. There are 150 AI powered characters from reporters, to fans, and vendors. The realism is on a whole new level.

It’s also great to see NBA 2K21 expanding the WNBA experience allowing you to create your own fully customizable WNBA player. You’ll compete with 12 WNBA teams. Also there’s The W Online which has 3v3 MyPLAYER competition.

The soundtrack is huge as well with 350 tracks to listen to.

Specially for next-gen consoles you’ll get a crazy mode called The City. It’s like a MMO dedicated to basketball. It’s a living breathing city that only cares about that one thing. It’s really trippy to see such a detailed experience inside a basketball game. I do think this is where most die-hard fans will find themselves spending tons of hours playing.

NBA 2K21 expands the realm of basketball games to new heights making players feel more on the court than ever before.