Swell Vision Atticus CR39 Sunglass Review

Does it make sense to put plastic on your ears? Most of us do it when we wear typical sunglasses. That idea sent me on a internet quest to find an alternative.

I stumbled upon Swell Vision, which is based out of South Carolina. Their frames are made out of bamboo. Of course this is far more sustainable than plastic! Exploring more about Swell Vision I discovered that they also put part of their sales towards supporting local Balinese children so that they can attend the Green School in Bali, Indonesia.

Within a week of placing the order I received the Atticus CR39 Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses. Immediately after I put them on I noticed multiple differences from my previously regular pair of shades. They are super light weight. Coming in at only 0.9oz you’ll barely feel them on your face or ears. That red pinched nose effect was greatly diminished even after wearing the sunglasses for several hours. The other noticeable difference to me was how breezy my face felt with the sunglasses. There was something to the design that allowed plenty of air flow helping me feel cool.

There’s lots to mention about the lenses as well. They’re CR-39 polycarbonate lenses that are impact resistant. Of course I’ve tried not to drop them to see how resistant they are. The lenses are UV400 which blocks 90-100% of UVA/UVB radiation. They’re polarized with an anti-reflective coating. What this all means is that you’ll see clearer on sunny days. You won’t get that awful glare. You’ll see deeper blacks, but not feel as if the frames make the world too dark. Maintaining the lenses is simple as they include a micro-fiber cloth and pouch.

Across the board these sunglasses hit every mark. They’re a cool design, have eco-friendly frames, are light weight, and have high quality lenses. If you want to be adventurous like me, take the plunge into the world of bamboo frames. They’re simply better than plastic frames.


How to Make $1000 – Wealthfront Review

Here’s the Wealthfront link that will give you an additional $5000 managed for free https://wlth.fr/2ghtnyz

I started using Wealthfront around October / November 2016 and now have made $1000 with this wealth management service. I was initially afraid to use a service that is managed by algorithms, but clearly it has done very well. Obviously results will vary based on many factors and you could lose money, but still seems like it’s a good opportunity for all to try.

I am not a licensed financial adviser. This video review is based off my personal experience alone.

How To Save Money – Ibotta Review – I Saved $50 on Food

Download Ibotta from this link and earn $10! http://ibotta.com/r/gwdxlgo

Buying groceries and other items using Ibotta has saved me $50! Simply see what local stores are available and select the product that you purchased. Saving money couldn’t be easier. No paper coupons needed! You can save money on groceries, food, medicine, clothing, apparel, electronics, resturants, and bars.

Automatic Car Adapter Review

If you have ever wanted to be a stalker boyfriend, I’ve got the technology for you! It’s called Automatic. I went ahead and installed the device into my girlfriend’s car as sadly my car was destroyed by a 1969 Mustang.

I was floored with how creepy I became with Automatic. I could sit on my computer and watch Nila travel to her various destinations and see how much gas she was using, if she had to brake hard, or make any hard accelerations. It was so cool!

But let’s start from the beginning and explain what Automatic actually is, as it’s not just for stalkers.

In the world of every device being smart, your old hunk of junk car is probably pretty dumb. Well Automatic can make practically any car smart.

There are three required pieces for Automatic to work: car, Automatic car adapter, and smartphone app. To install Automatic insert the car adapter into your car’s standard diagnostics port, which is hidden under your dashboard. Then you’ll need to download the free smartphone app. Through a series of steps you’ll have to connect the smartphone app to the adapter. The process is relatively painless, but does take a couple minutes. I did get stuck during this process as during setup the smartphone needs to be connected to the Internet. My Android smartphone is WiFi only so I had to find a hotspot to set it up.

Now in order for the adapter to relay the information back to you about your trips, you do need the smartphone app installed on your phone along with a connection to the Internet. I deleted the app for several days and then installed it again on my phone. While no information was initially reported about those days without the app, somehow the adapter did remember my commutes and quickly replaced the blank information with my actual past driving data.

One fantastic feature is if you are involved in a crash. Automatic will send a text message to three of your friends and can even send an ambulance. So my suggestion is to always have an internet connection with your phone along with having the app installed on your phone. You’ll never know when it’ll come in handy.

Another worthwhile feature is that you’ll receive information on why your check engine light turned on. No more wasting hours at the mechanic to only find out that there’s no major issue with your car. While I have yet to have the luxury of trying this feature out, I know one day it’ll be extremely useful.

Of course there’s more stuff that Automatic enables such as finding where you parked your car. Automatic has third party apps that open up its world to very specific tasks that may or may not be one day be useful for you such as tracking business miles.

Anyway having a smart car powered by Automatic has made my driving more enjoyable. I love being able to track my MPG, never worrying about losing my car (I mean Nila’s car), and so much more. It’s crazy that all of this is provided for a one-time fee of about $100 for the adapter. I highly recommend making your car smart today.