Is 100% New Media Friendly

I love it when a company is proactive in being New Media friendly. Give users your content whenever and where ever is so pleasing. is aiming for just that. Going public Aug 27, features older WB shows along with new original web series. Not only will this content be available on – it will also be on Dailymotion, Joost, Sling Media, TiVo and Veoh Networks! They already have a Facebook application that allows users to share The WB content.

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Joost Experiments with Live Video


I haven’t talked much about Joost on StuffWeLike. One of the reasons for that is that I don’t particular like their service. It has a crappy user interface with a catalog of videos that never seem to update, at least they never did when Joost first launched.

Today I received an email about testing Joost live video. It definitely caught my attention because it’s P2P live streaming video. On Thursday, March 13, at 2 p.m. EDT, 6 p.m. GMT public testing begins. Three simple steps and you can test their video:

1. Go to and download the newest version of Joost.
Install it.

2. At 2 p.m. EDT (11 a.m. PDT, 6 p.m. GMT, 7 p.m. CET),
start Joost, and go to the Joost LIVE Test category.
Launch the Leiden LIVE P2P channel.

3. Start watching. (If you want, go to My Joost -> Channel Chat
to see who else is watching with you.)

This test will show video interviews with the people behind Live streaming video on Joost. If all goes well soon enough we may be able to watch live sports being broadcasted on Joost. Now that’d be tight.

Hulu Going Public

Finally the awesome Hulu video power house is going public! Previously in a private beta for months, the high quality video ad supported site is going public on March 12. It has some new partners to add to its content provider list as well including Warner Bros and Lionsgate!

I’ve been using Hulu for some time now and it’s absolutely fantastic. Sure it’s a pain the ears when the commercials come on blaring at 5 decibels louder than the actual show, but besides that the service has been great. Hopefully their servers won’t be destroyed when the public breaks in!

NBC Videos Get a new player, it’s not Hulu

NBC has updated its video site with a brand-new player. These videos differ from it’s website as they are news oriented rather than fictitious shows.

Apparently NBC has truly learned how to go web 2.0! It’s allow third party websites to be able to embed their videos onto their own pages. Ok that’s not really an original idea or that exciting, but the player itself is responsive and the video quality is great. Of course there are ads and there is no way for video embedders to earn a percent off of the views they bring to these clips.

NBC definitely has the content that people want to watch, but if they could build a network like the AP’s The News Room – bloggers would be all over this service. If a website is bringing in viewers to your content, they should receive some sort of credit for doing so. The future for online video is going to be perfect for both content producers and syndicators, if syndicators are able to receive royalties for bringing views to ad supported videos created by the content producer.

We here at StuffWeLike will at some point have this capability for our media player The Pipeline so it’ll be interesting to see how that affects the usage of it.

Internet Video is Complicated

If you ever wanted a look into the media 2.0 industry here’s a great video from Streaming Media. I love thinking about this stuff. The techie in me screams out in joy when I hear about the future of web video and what needs to be fixed.

StuffWeLike videos can be found throughout the net, but the most important place to be able to find these videos is actually on StuffWeLike. We offer hours of video content, but in many respects you probably haven’t even noticed it. Not that it’s your fault, it’s ours. Our player The Pipeline is constantly evolving to meet users demands. 2008 will be a huge year for us as the player opens up to new frontiers.

But as the title of this post says, internet video is complicated. No service has the ultimate solution. The video below will show just how much people are trying to fix and improve your abilities to find videos. We’re at the forefront of the explosion. I can only imagine that 10 years from now we’ll be at a recession as media 2.0 companies get bought out or go bankrupt due to the over-saturation of the market. Yay…

Best of 2007 – May

What previously would have been the month for the big video game expo E3 is now a mere filler in the year. Continue on we must in our Best of 2007 series. Welcome to May.



Best of 2007:
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GameTap Goes Free
With competition increasing in the digital distribution field, GameTap releases a free version of its service. It would be nice if this free version actually worked, but oh well.

Microsoft Announces Silverlight
In the internet realm, there really are no standards formats. Microsoft heats up the video market with its version of what is basically Flash called Silverlight.

Spider-Man 3 Webs In the Money
$148 million in 3 days. Damn where’s my paycheck?

Everybody Loves Raymond
I discover that I love Raymond as well. Yeah I know the show came on the air and went off years ago, but for some reason I now truly appreciate it.

ABC Online Goes HD
Streaming TV shows in HD for free?! What a concept.

Starcraft II Announced
In another shocking event Blizzard announces the wildly anticipated Starcraft II. Don’t expect it anytime soon though. Command & Conquer is a better series anyway.

Geometry Wars for Wii and DS announced
I quiver at this post because I had to actually test these games over the summer. What crap they were.