Kickstarter: Consistency The Short Film

For the past six months Brittany Piche has been working along side an extremely talented group of people to try and make her story come alive.

She wrote a short film about a man, Andy, who has his life shifted completely after a tragic car accident kills his wife and son. He is left with the inability to create new memories. This psychological thriller, that is both relatable and original, takes you on a mental roller coaster ride that is sure to shock and entertain you. It is a character driven story that builds emotion and suspense as the life of Andy unravels.

Currently Brittany and her team, director Bailee Schreyer-Bragassa, and DP Seth Tonk are still in the pre-production stages, and gearing up to film in the next couple of months. That’s where they need your help!

They are trying to raise money so they can shoot this film professionally and with the right equipment. With enough people backing this project it is sure to be successful!

They have put together a trailer to add hype, and get people interested in wanting this film made.

You can view it, and more details about the project on their Kickstarter page.

There are also fun and interesting rewards that you can earn by helping the cause!

If you enjoy it and want to see this story come to life spread the word!

If you would also like to keep up to date on where they are at in the production stages like them on Facebook!

Apple WWDC: iOS 7

As expected, iOS 7 was revealed and is a design change and it brings some new and need features. This is the part of the keynote that the most time and attention was spent on. On the software side, as far as changes and updates this takes the crown.  People were waiting with baited breath to see what these changes would be considering that Jony Ive has now left his mark on iOS. Continue reading “Apple WWDC: iOS 7”

Apple WWDC: Haswell MacBook Air & redesigned Mac Pro

On the hardware side of things for the keynote, Apple announced new Haswell based MacBook Air computers, a new Airport Extreme router and a US assembled redesign of the Mac Pro desktop computer. Continue reading “Apple WWDC: Haswell MacBook Air & redesigned Mac Pro”