Apple WWDC: Haswell MacBook Air & redesigned Mac Pro

On the hardware side of things for the keynote, Apple announced new Haswell based MacBook Air computers, a new Airport Extreme router and a US assembled redesign of the Mac Pro desktop computer.

First off on the hardware side were new 11 and 13 inch Mac Book Airs.  These machines come with the hew Intel Haswell cpu, which allow for much improved battery life.  The 11-inch model increases battery life from 5 hours to 9 hours and the 13-inch model increases battery from 7 hours to 12 hours.  Other specs include, base models having 128 gb ssd hard drives as well as having the 802.11ac wireless spec.

Not to be overlooked was the refresh of the Airport Extreme wireless router.  This, like the Mac Book air will have 802.11ac capabilities as well as come in models with physical storage, allowing it to be a Time Capsule for backup.

The most important hardware reveal of the keynote was that of the newly redesigned Mac Pro desktop computer.  This change to the Mac Pro was something that high end Mac users have been wanting for some time now. For starters, Apple did a complete redesign in the look of the machine.  Gone is the heavy aluminum cheese greater design and in is a sleek dark all black cylinder shape.   This power user Mac desktop machine is packing an Intel Haswell Xeon processor, ECC RAM and dual AMD graphics cards. This Mac features several Thunderbolt 2 ports as well as support for 4K video output.  One huge deal for this desktop is that it is designed in California and will be assembled here in the USA.

These updates are very welcome and it was a sign of relief for power/super users for Apple to release a new Mac Pro. It was thought that the new MacBook Air computers would be specced with Retina displays, but to get a bump in battery life, this was a spec that was left on the cutting room floor. No matter what people think about the design or specs of the new Mac Pro, it is being assembled here in the USA.  Even so, this machine seems to be catered to the most high-end Mac users and Apple fanboys.

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