Apple WWDC: OS X 10.9 Mavericks

As expected Apple showed off the upcoming update to OS X.  The new name for this version of OSX, version 10.9 is Mavericks.  Out are the big cat names and in are names based on famous California places and beaches.

The first of these updates to be demoed were the new features in finder.  These include tabs and the ability to tagging files. Next came an interesting, and useful looking feature, which is multiple displays.  This is better than before and now allows for an Apple TV to mirror and air play a display to a TV screen.  What is sure to be another useful feature is using maps on the desktop to find directions and then be able to share them to iOS.

Also, the same notifications feature from iOS comes to OS X.  Users can easily reply from with in any notification.

Safari will also see some changes of its own.  One of these being added is the ability to shared links from Twitter and LinkedIn on a pane located on the left side of the browser window.

A service that is getting new features is iCloud.  One of these additions is iCloud Keychain, which allows for easy and secure storing of website login information and credit card numbers.  Another iCloud addition is that of iWork for iClould.  This will work across all OS X and iOS devices and computers similar to Google Drive and Microsoft’s office 360 cloud based suite of applications.

Lastly Apple is bringing iBooks to OS X.  This looks promising and is basically taking what is already in iBooks on iOS and refining it for a desktop environment.  This will allow for iBooks to be even more, immersive and interactive than they already are.

These are just some of the many new features coming to OSX 10.9 this fall.  While they seem like minor tweaks and updates to the OS, users both basic and pro, will find these changes useful.  This will be a software release most users will download as long as Apple keeps their past history and releases OSX 10.9 for $30 or less.

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