Gamestop in Your Home?

Day by day we are seeing the transition to digitally distributed games and media. At the forefront of that push is Gamestop, who have begun eying a way to get into your home.

Senior VP of Gamestop and general manager of digital business, Shawn Freeman, says the chain is doing a superb job of selling the needed amount of products, if not more, but claims there is still some “friction” from when you buy an MS Points card at the store to when you enter it and download your desired media on your console. Having to enter the long code at home after purchasing the card seems to be too much of a hassle for people.

What they have in mind is a separate ID entirely, a Gamestop ID, that is used to associate your purchases in store with your online ID which will have the download moved into your queue. “Ultimately, we want to reduce even more of that friction, so when you buy that map pack in our store, we’re going to be able to associate your Xbox profile with your GameStop profile, and then automatically push that to your download queue.”

Gamestop would function like many of the other third party retailers that offer the ability to buy and download products through their services. “Our view is that when you look at all the different ways people buy content digitally, that experience and that discovery experience is key to realize that opportunity…if we do a good job, that’s going to continue to bring value to our publishers and our platform partners, because we’re going to continue to drive more sales for them.”

How would you feel about having Gamestop one step closer to walking inside your door?

Source: Joystiq

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