Mass Effect 2’s PS3 Launch Trailer is Go

Mass Effect 2 is just 6 days away from its maiden launch onto the PS3. Fans of the series who have been waiting for the game to make its way to Sony’s black box need only wait less than a week. And to set the stage for this amazing sci-fi RPG is a new trailer just for the PS3 and its fans to enjoy.

Critics loved it on Xbox 360 and they love it even more with Bioware revamping the game with the Mass Effect 3 engine, what is being used to power the much anticipated sequel. Polished graphics, revamped controls, and tweaking the performance of the system to take advantage of the power the PS3 has to offer.

Not only will the game look better on the PS3 and perform slightly better as well, it will be showing up on the PSN before the XBL version does. That’s right. You can purchase it either from a typical brick and mortar store or online from the PSN to have directly on your hard drive. Both versions will be available on January 18th for the US and the 21st over in Europe.

Source: Joystiq

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