Monday XBL shuts down.

Just a friendly reminder that on Monday the XBox Live service will be out of action for a full 24-hours. If you need a quick fix of Halo or Call of Duty on the console then now is really your last chance to get in some good times.

Microsoft are also running a few competitions this weekend to keep things buzzing before they go offline so it might be worth taking a look to see what’s going on. For PS3 users however all is normal and will continue to be so. It’s hard to imagine a world without XBL now especially with all the fanboys arguing that it’s a great service or that it’s bad you have to pay to play. Anyway, time is running out. For some the best XBL game will forever be Halo 2, but what do you think? As usual comments are always welcome here at SWL where gaming matters.

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