FOX’s Fringe – Coming August


As an extra youtube upfronts video Fringe is the Fox promotional trailer lasting several
minutes for the next J.J. Abrams show. While it looks a lot like a remake of The X-Files,
Fringe does seem to be trying to distance itself from other shows of a similar nature like
The Inside. What does seem to be a recurring theme is just as usual J.J. is using some
of the same actors as in his other shows and movies, this time taking a recent addition to
Lost as can be seen in this trailer. 

The basic idea for Fringe is a show where someone investigates supernatural occurrences in the United States. It sounds extremely similar to that of The X-Files where two people investigates supernatural occurrences in the United States.

While we would love to be able to give you a direct link to the video youtube is removing it everytime it’s added to their website so a quick youtube search is required rather than a direct link in this case.

What does this mean for you? Well in this case it’s not complicated. You can watch
the trailer if you wish and get a taste for Fox’s show coming out in August.


FOX’s Dollhouse – January ’09

[Update 12.15.08: Click here for’s interview with Amy Acker about Dollhouse.]


Following the Fox upfronts for the 2008-09 US television season the promotional trailers
shown to advertisers have started to appear on the net. For most this means a few quick
30 second trailers with actor names and coming soon. In the case of the midseason show Dollhouse from Joss Whedon there is much more.

Covering several minutes the youtube video is a full length trailer explaining the show from the Buffy, Angel and Firely creator. What’s even better is the show has Buffy and Angel actors including Eliza Dushku (pictured) and Amy Acker.

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Doc Martin – Season 3 DVD Review (Region 2)


Shown on ITV in the UK Doc Martin is the story of a city doctor who is moved to a rural seaside town. There really is no need to watch the previous seasons and you can jump right into the third season without needing to worry about continuing storylines. What you in short have is a comedy drama starring Martin Clunes of Men Behaving Badly fame playing the serious Dr. Martin. The only doctor around who has a blood phobia. 
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Hilarious Mass Effect Controversy spoof

You must probably be sleeping for the past week if you don’t know about the sort of flak Mass Effect has been facing for its ever-so-pornographic sex scene, which was like, so much more obscene than prime-time television or the average movies you have going these days. I mean, games rated “Mature, 17+” simply shouldn’t have sex – mindless, bloody, gory violence, maybe – but no boobies, ever.

Okay, we’re no experts at sarcasm, but the guys at Loading.Ready.Run sure do look like they are. Check out the awesome spoof they made of the controversial Fox report on Mass Effect:

Hulu Joins Myspace


Primetime on MyspaceTV is the new hot website for the best in network media entertainment. NBC, FOX, and many more have teamed up to provide content that you can find on the Tube at high quality and for free! Would you rather buy a show off iTunes or would you watch one with limited commercial interruption? I choose free.

Since is owned by the FOX Corporation, all the content on Hulu is now being transfered over to If Hulu is the destination for the high quality content, officially titled Primetime on MyspaceTV is now the interactive portion for that content.

Hulu will soon be changing the face of the internet with high definition shows being streamed to your computers sometime in 2008. As of right now their HD content solely consists of movie trailers.

20th Century Fox pulling bad reviews from YouTube?

20th Century Fox on YouTube

Now, I’ve come across pages on YouTube saying that 20th Century Fox has just acted like an ass and have taken off a video for copyright infringement (when it really was the case). But it turns out that movie leaks aren’t the only thing 20th Century Fox is pulling out. If this guy at The Movie Blog is right, then his negative review of the truly abysmal Reno 911: Miami may have been yoinked by ‘Fox.

YouTube sent him an e-mail telling him that 20th Century Fox doesn’t want that video on, due to copyright infringement. The guy, “John”, retaliates by saying that all the content he used in the review was from free trailers, the sort of stuff you don’t pay for, you know? He has not used pirated material in the review, and has hence, not infringed no copyrights.

20th Century Fox hasn’t yet talked about the matter, giving John ample time to spread the message that they are yoinking bad reviews from YouTube and so on. Is this the truth? Is a big, veteran corporation like 20th Century Fox capable of preying on us inferior, internet-obsessed weaklings just to keep reputation? Like hell they are.