Disaster Movie poster looks disastrous

Disaster Movie snippet

In what is the most accurate movie title in the franchise, Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg present the next in line to their already disaster line of movie spoofs: Disaster Movie. We have the poster right here, and while it has a mildly good take on The Day After Tomorrow, the movie will have to be much, much better to offset the… well, disappointment (yes, too weak a word) from Meet the Spartans and- who are we kidding? The entire goddamn franchise.

The cast features Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra, for the booby goodness. Matt Lanter (the voice of Anakin from the upcoming Star Wars: Clone Wars TV series!) will be starring, with Nicole Parker and more people from the same bandwagon.

I, for one, am getting tired of this pricks. Its rime there are either really good Hollywood spoofs or none at all. It would probably be funny to see a “Spoof Movie” from someone other than Seltzer and Friedberg. Oh, and click the thumbnail below for the full-size poster, courtesy Cinematical.

Disaster Movie

Hilarious Mass Effect Controversy spoof

You must probably be sleeping for the past week if you don’t know about the sort of flak Mass Effect has been facing for its ever-so-pornographic sex scene, which was like, so much more obscene than prime-time television or the average movies you have going these days. I mean, games rated “Mature, 17+” simply shouldn’t have sex – mindless, bloody, gory violence, maybe – but no boobies, ever.

Okay, we’re no experts at sarcasm, but the guys at Loading.Ready.Run sure do look like they are. Check out the awesome spoof they made of the controversial Fox report on Mass Effect: