Review of Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

First there was Michael Moore, now there is Morgan Spurlock. In Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Morgan tackles an issue that we all know too well product placement.

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Hit the (beer) cans with Canouflage


Now, we don’t condone secretly getting drunk at the office, underage drinking, or fooling your parents into thinking you’re innocently sipping a can of soft drink when you’re in fact swilling away a can of beer.

But those are exactly the kind of things you might be able to get away with, courtesy of these Canouflage can wraps, that is until someone gets a whiff of your alcohol intoxicated breath.

They can be found here for $5.89. But we didn’t put you up to it.

Hilarious Mass Effect Controversy spoof

You must probably be sleeping for the past week if you don’t know about the sort of flak Mass Effect has been facing for its ever-so-pornographic sex scene, which was like, so much more obscene than prime-time television or the average movies you have going these days. I mean, games rated “Mature, 17+” simply shouldn’t have sex – mindless, bloody, gory violence, maybe – but no boobies, ever.

Okay, we’re no experts at sarcasm, but the guys at Loading.Ready.Run sure do look like they are. Check out the awesome spoof they made of the controversial Fox report on Mass Effect: