First image of CW’s new Green ‘Arrow’

Forget the character from Smallville. The CW is preparing a reboot of DC’s The Green Arrow and we’ve got the first image!

The “Arrow” pilot is currently in production, written by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg and directed by David Nutter. The latter was the director of the pilot and first episodes of Smallville as well as many other genre fiction favorites like Supernatural and The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Deadline Hollywood quotes Nutter: “When I directed the pilot for Smallville, I knew that making Clark Kent relatable would be the key to audiences believing in him as a hero. Arrow is a different show — darker and harder-edged — but it’s the same core idea.”

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TiVo Guilt?

Bad TiVo, bad. Apparently by now everyone knows what a TiVo is. They might not know what a DVR is, but they sure by golly know what a TiVo is. Sadly, there still needs to be some education on TiVo. It’s a pandemic.

With over 3 million subscribers TiVo is causing its valued costumers many heartwrenching moments. Does this sound like you: I’m running out of harddrive space, should I watch and then delete House or American Idol?

The truth is that you shouldn’t have to do either. What TiVo needs to do is sell a separate external harddrive storage unit. Then users could gracefully save their favorite shows for later viewing without feeling obligated to watch them. This is the new term that people are called the ‘TiVo Guilt.’

Sure there are plenty of third party modifications that one can install on their TiVo. Mostly all will obliterate your warranty.

Thanks TiVo for bringing joy to my life and others, but I know that you can do better. I don’t want to order pizza from you. I simply want a better viewing experience than what my cable operator provides. Don’t lose focus on your potential. Be all that you can be.

Eva Longoria in The Avengers?!

And you’d think it’s still too early to talk about a movie coming out in 2011. But it’s never too early for Marvel comic book adaptations, especially after their masterstroke, Iron Man. So we do have a good idea now about what movies we can expect from Marvel, but isn’t cast speculation a little too early?

And if it’s too early for cast speculation, shouldn’t it be a little unthinkable that they’ve already started casting? Hell, Favreau only gave us fuzzy details of Iron Man 2, it would be shocking if they’ve already started putting stars as The Avengers.

Rumour is, Eva Longoria may be cast in it. Yes, that Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives (like you were thinking of another, pfft). How does this rumour crop up? Look at the image above. Yes, Longoria was seen at the Marvel Studios offices and went out carrying a bunch of those Avengers issues. Coincidence? Sudden fandom?

Seemingly, she wasn’t too careful on hiding those, so it could either mean that it’s supposed to be a misleading hype-event or a direct declaration. Hmm.

New Star Wars movie on August 15th, no really!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

If you thought that the Star Wars line of movies died in 2005, leaving the franchise with games, books and other media – think again. Lucas will be kicking off the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series with a full-fledged theater movie – yes the big sort. It’s titled Star Wars: The Clone Wars and will be an animation feature, much in the vein of the TV series.

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What’s it like to Run a TV Channel?


Since mid-January 2008, I’ve been working on several new projects at my college. One of them has been our TV channel, which was supposed to air last semester. Rather than waiting for the TV club to get their act together, I’ve been going behind them and adding my own video content to the channel. Unlike websites, I’ve never had a huge experience with running a TV station. Ok, I’ve never had any experience running a TV channel. I’d imagine that none of you out there have either.

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