Star Wars: Force Unleashed Movie Up Next?

Force Unleashed, for all the reviews it got, ended up being a success, with a whopping 1 million unit sales in a mere 5 days. If anything, it goes to show that people still buy Star Wars. While Metacritic gave it a score of around 70 on different platforms, LucasArts seems to be unfazed by the criticism.

So does that warrant a movie version?! After watching (and shaking my head profoundly) at Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie, I can’t help but think how Force Unleashed can possibly be a great movie. Except maybe if the entire movie was about slicing and throwing people with the Force. But since its Star Wars, I doubt if Lucas will approve that.

Force Unleashed already got a comic book adaptation and a bestselling novel, oh and an artbook as lavish as a full-fledged movie. So it would it be surprising if LucasFilms announced out of the blue that they’ve decided to make a movie on Force Unleashed?

Haiden Blackden, project leader and Sith Lord of Force Unleashed says that a movie version would be an “testament to the priorities and sophisticated ideas of his team”. “It’s an incredible time,” he said, “to be telling powerful stories in this fairly young medium.” Well, I don’t know, Blackden, but storywise, I’d watch a Knights of the Old Republic movie first. Hell, I’d watch a Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast movie first.

New Star Wars movie on August 15th, no really!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

If you thought that the Star Wars line of movies died in 2005, leaving the franchise with games, books and other media – think again. Lucas will be kicking off the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series with a full-fledged theater movie – yes the big sort. It’s titled Star Wars: The Clone Wars and will be an animation feature, much in the vein of the TV series.

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LucasArts president Jim Ward resigns abruptly

LucasArts Logo

Jim Ward, president of one of the greatest games publisher (and developer, in some cases) announced his departure, citing personal reasons as the cause. He will be quitting in a couple of weeks – quitting the company he had been working for 10 years (with only 4 as president).

He talked more about how great LucasArts is, and what we should expect from it now. Hit the jump for more and such.

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