Doc Martin – Season 3 DVD Review (Region 2)


Shown on ITV in the UK Doc Martin is the story of a city doctor who is moved to a rural seaside town. There really is no need to watch the previous seasons and you can jump right into the third season without needing to worry about continuing storylines. What you in short have is a comedy drama starring Martin Clunes of Men Behaving Badly fame playing the serious Dr. Martin. The only doctor around who has a blood phobia. 

Season 3 has the doctor facing a number of health outbreaks. It’s just like House but in the country. He doesn’t talk well to people and is more brash than most. Its hard to go into individual storylines without spoiling them but it can be summed up that Doc Martin is a show that fans of Hugh Laurie in House will like. The only downside in the DVD of this seven episode third season is that there are no extras at all. For an on location show it’s a real shame.

Verdict: –

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