GTA4 – The essential playlist

Grand Theft Auto has always been the best game series for custom soundtracks and while PC users cannot use their MP3s in the game there is still the option to use another device to play music while playing on your console to add your own soundtrack to the newest game. Be it in GTA4 or in a previous GTA title what do you consider the ultimate tracks for driving around the city murdering and breaking all the laws?

Here are a few of this journalists favorites organised by whats going on in the game at the time:
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The iLogic Sound Hat: letting the music go to your head

There’s a party in your head, and only you’re invited!

I’ve always thought to myself “What if my hat could play music?”.

Well, not really. But if I did this would be exactly the kind of thing I’d be looking for. It’s the Sound Hat from iLogic.

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The UFO watch: now ready for probing


Having been a gadget news and reviews writer for quite some time I’ve seen my share of the sublime and ridiculous in the world of tech. But here’s something that’s a little out of this world-the U200i UFO watch (cringe).

In terms of the sublime and ridiculous I’m not sure where this fits in. It certainly is different. Not only is it a watch, but an MP3 player and cell phone.

OK, so most of the latest mobile phones have music playing capabilty, and they can also tell the time-believe it or not. But I’ve never seen a mash-up quite like this. It looks like something that should have been in the Back To The Future films.

Click ahead for more details and a closer look.

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Free Nine Inch Nails Single Download


 For those who are into music in a big, or even little way
you should have heard of Nine Inch Nails. Even if you have
not what you might like to know is the huge band has
released a new single from their next album online to
download for free.

The only catch is you have to put in an email address to
receive a time-limited download link for the MP3 file.
Doesn’t seem so bad so why not give it a try? The server
is even pretty fast for the download.

Big boys toys: Lego MP3 player and iPod dock


Ah, Nostalgia. What a wonderful thing it is reminiscing about the days when we used to play with Lego. Speaking of which, check out this flashback inducing MP3 player from Homade, made from the colored buliding blocks. Well not quite, since they aren’t an official Lego product. Still, they look exactly like the building blocks of our youth.

Read on for the whole collection and the lego-like iPod dock.

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