The iLogic Sound Hat: letting the music go to your head

There’s a party in your head, and only you’re invited!

I’ve always thought to myself “What if my hat could play music?”.

Well, not really. But if I did this would be exactly the kind of thing I’d be looking for. It’s the Sound Hat from iLogic.

It’s built for those that think they’re too good to wear don’t like the cold plasticy feel of earphones  nestling in their ears. Simply plug in your music player of choice via the 3.5mm jack and the hat will play your tunes courtesy of speakers nestled within. It’s a mini party in your head.

It’s quite a neat idea because it means others nearby won’t hear the crackling of your music when on the bus or train as the sound is muffled enough to prevent anyone else from hearing it thanks to the polyester material surrounding it.

Not sure about a couple of things though.

First of all it means having to mess up your beautifully coiffuered do to listen to music.

Secondly I can imagine many people forgetting to take the speakers out before they wash it, doh.

And another thing. What if it’s summer? Would you run the risk of riducle to be had form wearing a wooly hat in the scorching weather?

Despite all that it’s still quite a neat idea. Interested? Then check it out here.


Author: Stephen Ebert

Stephen Ebert is a London-based journalist currently blogging about gadgets, toys and video games as well as fashion and style related goodness at StuffWeLike. He's also a staff writer at the London based gadget and technology website Absolute Gadget having had previous brief stints at magazines in the UK such as T3 Home, GQ,, Total Film and FourFourTwo.

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