The iLogic Sound Hat: letting the music go to your head

There’s a party in your head, and only you’re invited!

I’ve always thought to myself “What if my hat could play music?”.

Well, not really. But if I did this would be exactly the kind of thing I’d be looking for. It’s the Sound Hat from iLogic.

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Shinoda Plasma to out Flexi-telly


OLED telly boxes are all the rage these days. They are about as thin as a MacBook Air and make a delightful change from the backbreaking TV’s of yesteryear.

I still own one of those Sony Wega flatscreen televisions which were the one of the big (literally) things at the time, a model now usurped by the current Sony Bravia LCD’s which I also own and are great.

But what’s the next step in the evolution of Television.

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When jeans go bad

Jeans that make you go “ugh”

Ever since Levi’s made jeans there’s been no turning back. It’s amazing to think a bit of cloth styled in a certain way would have such an impact on our clothing choices to this day. It’s hard to imagine life without jeans.

No matter how into or out of fashion you are chances are that you often wear them. I mean who never wears jeans. Everybody does. From toddlers to oldies everybody dons a bit of denim now and then.

But what happens when they go bad? Continue reading and I’ll show you. Make sure you’ve got your safety goggles on.

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The UFO watch: now ready for probing


Having been a gadget news and reviews writer for quite some time I’ve seen my share of the sublime and ridiculous in the world of tech. But here’s something that’s a little out of this world-the U200i UFO watch (cringe).

In terms of the sublime and ridiculous I’m not sure where this fits in. It certainly is different. Not only is it a watch, but an MP3 player and cell phone.

OK, so most of the latest mobile phones have music playing capabilty, and they can also tell the time-believe it or not. But I’ve never seen a mash-up quite like this. It looks like something that should have been in the Back To The Future films.

Click ahead for more details and a closer look.

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Be invincible just like Mario, with the invincibility star!


Remember that cool Super Mario Bros. sound effects key-ring we told you about the other day. Well here’s something just as cool. It’s the Super Mario Bros Singing Glowing Star.

Now here’s the best part. Simply pat the back of it and it will play that iconic, and all so reassuring invincibility song from the Super Mario games. Oh how many times that cheery little star has saved me from those pesky Piranha plants.

But just as a side note, it doesn’t really give you powers of invincibility so don’t use it to confront dodgy folks loitering in alleys at night. Running into them with star in tow will probably have different repercussions than you might hope for.

Spotted at ThinkGeek.