When jeans go bad

Jeans that make you go “ugh”

Ever since Levi’s made jeans there’s been no turning back. It’s amazing to think a bit of cloth styled in a certain way would have such an impact on our clothing choices to this day. It’s hard to imagine life without jeans.

No matter how into or out of fashion you are chances are that you often wear them. I mean who never wears jeans. Everybody does. From toddlers to oldies everybody dons a bit of denim now and then.

But what happens when they go bad? Continue reading and I’ll show you. Make sure you’ve got your safety goggles on.

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The Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt: An April Fool’s prank turned real


Over at ThinkGeek they had the above T-Shirt advertised claiming it was the answer to all of life’s mundane problems. That being the often mundane nature of life. 

It was hailed as the Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt. The piece of clothing that would enhance your life by adding music to it, thanks to a built-in speaker and remote control.

It was, of course a load of baloney. But due to popular demand it is being turned into a real product.

The T-Shirt works by playing pre-recorded sounds at the press of a button of the wearers choosing. So for example, if on a romantic date with your other half press the button which plays a romantic theme or jingle etc. 

Although I wouldn’t be caught wearing one, gotta admit the design look’s pretty cool.Sound like your thing? Then get your name on the list, over here.      

Pac-Man shoes from Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman Blinky Shoes

As you may have guessed, we love videogames here at StuffWeLike. But looking at these new shoes from Ben Sherman is enough to get us liking videogame apparel too.

Out of all the gamer gear that’s been kicking about recently-these Pac-Man inspired wear could be one of the coolest looking. They come in black and white, and feature a nemesis of our hungry-yellow sphere shaped friend.

The lone orange Blinky on the front is a stylish touch too.

They are available here for $60. You’d better snap them up before we somone else does.