iPod Shuffle talks to You

iPod Shuffle

Yes you’re now sacrificing a screen for a piece of technology that will talk to you. All that I will say to it is shut the f**k up!

I’ve always had issues with technology that talks to me. My car beeps at me whenever I turn on the car without my seat belt on. Everytime I say shut the f**k up! My GPS yells at me whenever I do miss a direction whether I mean too or not. Everytime I say shut the f**k up!

Now Apple is coming out with an iPod Shuffle that is half the size of the previous shuffle. So now you’ll loose it half as fast. It also talks to you. Apple calls this technology VoiceOver. Well that makes sense. Your iPod will now speak your song titles, artists and playlist names.

If you ask me the design of this shuffle looks like a brick. Literally.

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One thought on “iPod Shuffle talks to You”

  1. people buy the shuffle so they don’t know what song is playing or going to play next…. thus the name the shuffle. Why would you want it to tell you what song is playing… and shouldn’t you know since you loaded the song on to begin with? Apple should have done some consumer research before sinking a few million into this little prick err i mean brick of a portable music device.

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