Brands Men Like

Men Brands

These are brands that Men like. Do you agree with these findings?

I find it rather interesting that out of 1,509 interviews that most guys like Microsoft. I wonder what exactly they identify more with Microsoft such as Windows products, or Xbox. I think it’s slightly odd that Sony doesn’t make the top 10 list. And what happened to a small company like Google? Do men really identify with Bing more so?

Personally I like Pepsi more than Coke, just sayin.

Apple WWDC: Haswell MacBook Air & redesigned Mac Pro

On the hardware side of things for the keynote, Apple announced new Haswell based MacBook Air computers, a new Airport Extreme router and a US assembled redesign of the Mac Pro desktop computer. Continue reading “Apple WWDC: Haswell MacBook Air & redesigned Mac Pro”

Logitech Broadcaster

The Logitech Broadcaster is a great webcamera for Apple fanatics. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac you’ll be able to use this webcamera over WiFi.The quality of both the video and audio are surprisingly great. The video will have hiccups at times when the connection to the WiFi is poor. Logitech says that you have to be in a range of 50ft from the router for the camera to work. I’d also add in that if you’ve got walls and other items blocking the signal you’ll need to be even closer. That’s the biggest problem with this camera. Beyond that it truly works like a charm. Check out all of the videos below to see it in action.


Ustream Broadcast

iPad Recording

iPad Software