Brands Men Like

Men Brands

These are brands that Men like. Do you agree with these findings?

I find it rather interesting that out of 1,509 interviews that most guys like Microsoft. I wonder what exactly they identify more with Microsoft such as Windows products, or Xbox. I think it’s slightly odd that Sony doesn’t make the top 10 list. And what happened to a small company like Google? Do men really identify with Bing more so?

Personally I like Pepsi more than Coke, just sayin.

Fast-food getting faster in Japan

A vision of the future?

Remember that film with Morgan Spurlock where he tried to persuade us that fast-food was bad?

Made to show us not only the way junk food can affect us physically, but emotionally too; it was also supposed to put a stop to corporate food chains tricking their way into the pockets (and tummy’s) of consumers with a product barely fit for consumption.

That was the premise. So what now?

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