Trilobyte Games Comes back from the Dead?

Trilobyte Games

Developer of the classic full-motion video titles The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour has come back from the grave!

Trilobyte Games is one of those old-school video game companies that many gamers hold dear to their heart. In the late 90’s Trilobyte went under. Years later in 2003, Trilobyte popped up on everyone’s radar when they unveiled The 7th Guest Part III: The Collector. The trailer, screenshots, and design documents can be found on its new website. If you’ve never heard of that game, don’t worry because it was never completed. Fans banded together in 2004 and started production on their own sequel called The 7th Guest Part III: The Thirteenth Doll.

Not much has been happening with Trilobyte Games until today. I received an email from Rob Landeros, the President of Trilobyte Games, which said that there’s a new official forum for Trilobyte fans to express their love. After exploring one of the boards, it appears that there was actually a plan for a remake of the original The 7th Guest. Regrettably due to the sour economy the third party developer has currently backed out of the deal. If there is enough fan support, they’ll continue development.

So bottom line: if you want more of The 7th Guest products, go forth and join this forum! But don’t think that Trilobyte is forming its own game development team. When asked about this possibility on the forum Rob said:

“Not much of a chance. Personally, I’ve got a graphics business of my own that takes up most of my waking hours (and some of my sleeping hours). Trilobyte Games exists mostly as an entity to oversee the licensing and proper implementation of any and all titles under the 7th Guest IP.

I do game design consultation and creative direction. I would consider coming out of retirement to work full time with a team to develop a T7G III. I feel the series needs one more to complete the trilogy. But that would require a visitation from an angel, her right arm laden with gold, and her left hand holding signed distribution deals.”

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