GTA III 10th Anniversary Claude Action Figure

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the legendary GTA III, Rockstar is teaming up with Sideshow Collectibles to put out a very limited Claude twelve 1:6th scale action figure. I saw this figure in person during last the New York Comic Con last weekend while I was at the Rockstar booth getting a special look at Max Payne 3 and I must admit that it is a pretty slick looking piece.

The box features a golden version of the game’s american release box art and the figure comes with a number of different hands to hold the various included weapons and also a secondary outfit in the form of the orange prisoner jumpsuit that he wore in the beginning of the game. I am familiar with Sideshow’s 1:6 figure via their Star Wars line and I assume that this means this figure will also have standard articulation points for various poses.

With the announcement of GTA V coming as well as the rerelease of this game for the iPad I can really see the fans jumping on this, which is what I do bee live to be the first toy based on this license.

Here is the official press release below and you can pre-order the figure here!

The limited-edition Claude action figure will be available November 2011.

10 years ago, this month, the revolutionary open-world epic Grand Theft Auto III was released to the world – a game that set players loose as a small-time criminal at the bottom of the food chain in Liberty City, a sprawling metropolis where anything can happen – and probably will. 

To commemorate the game’s 10th anniversary, Rockstar Games is proud to present this limited edition action figure of lead character Claude, an ex-con out for revenge in a city filled with mobsters, street gangs and cops on the take.

Found running the streets of Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III, Claude rose from a small-time bank robber who is betrayed by his girlfriend to a big-time gangster ready to get revenge.

Produced in partnership with Sideshow Collectibles – Renowned toy manufacture revered by collectors around the world. This fully articulated 1:6 scale action figure of Claude comes dressed in his original attire of cargo pants and a bomber jacket, but he can also sport his iconic Liberty City Prison-issued jumpsuit (supplied).

Claude comes equipped with an arsenal of classic weapons from Grand Theft Auto III including a bat, knife, grenades, pistol, sniper rifle, and assault rifles.

Limited Edition – Only 1,500 pieces

12 inch body with nearly 30 points of articulation
Fabric Liberty City State prison outfit
Bomber jacket with real zippers
Canvas cargo pants
Two assault rifles
Sniper rifle
Sub machine gun
Baseball bat
One pair of fists
One right trigger hand
One left C grip hand

Rockstar Games Announces Grand Theft Auto V

Today Rockstar Games has officially come out of the blue with a minimalist blitzkrieg to announce Grand Theft Auto 5 onto the unsuspecting gaming world. Logging on to the Rockstar’s website only leads to the image above with nothing else aside from the trailer release date of 11/2/11 (Next Wednesday) and a Twitter hashtag of #GTAV as they are no doubt letting us do all of the dirty PR work for them.

It has been a while since 2008’s Grand Theft Auto IV was released as well as the two completely separate DLC follow-up games, The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and the Damned, that concurrently take place in Liberty City and fans have been aching for another fresh installment of this franchise! And to think, it has only been ten years and three days since the release of the supernova hit GTA III, which is also due for an upcoming anniversary release on the iPad.

But they really left us nothing to go on, have they? Will the character be a return to one of the previous games or will we see an all new character? So far we have had some white dudes, a couple of italians, a black man, an Eastern European, a Jewish biker, a Puerto Rican, and a Chinaman in the handheld Chinatown Wars so who is left? If I had to guess I would pick a Los Angeles style Cholo since it is an all new character type as well as a chance to re-visit San Andreas. On the subject of San Andreas, does anyone else remember that teaser on the Rockstar Social Club’s site from a few years back?

For those of you that missed this, it was uncovered if you dragged a few items around on a digital desk until you uncovered this plane ticket for Niko Bellic going to San Andreas. What do you guys this? If he and cousin Roman were headed out west, do you think we will see them return? It would be a first for this franchise to reuse a protagonist but with such a fan favorite could you blame them?

Let us know in the comments how you feel and be sure to look here next week for the premiere trailer!