Free Nine Inch Nails Single Download


 For those who are into music in a big, or even little way
you should have heard of Nine Inch Nails. Even if you have
not what you might like to know is the huge band has
released a new single from their next album online to
download for free.

The only catch is you have to put in an email address to
receive a time-limited download link for the MP3 file.
Doesn’t seem so bad so why not give it a try? The server
is even pretty fast for the download.

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  1. First off great site! I check back here daily but I was hoping if one of you could give me a little information. I happened to stumble upon a site that offers a lot of free full albums and claim they pay their members for uploading but has anyone here tried them out? I think the site was but I’m not 100% sure. Thanks for any information you can let me know.

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