Christopher Nolan Working On Original Screenplay Next


That’s right, no Batman for you anytime soon. But Nolan’s next is almost as interesting!
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Best Moments of 2008 – This Post isn’t like other sites

Insert random picture from 2008.
Insert random picture from 2008 - Done.

We are original here at StuffWeLike. We don’t simply replicate articles found on other websites. That’s why… oh wait we do. But that’s not that point. This post is our Best of 2008. It’s not listing the best written articles on the website. It simply lists what I think are the most entertaining posts throughout each month. Be prepared to do something. Continue reading “Best Moments of 2008 – This Post isn’t like other sites”

Batman: The Brave and the Bold-New Series Impressions!


As with all popular or successful brands and lines, they are hard to kill, and find themselves being revamped nearly every four years or so. Stretching back to the 1920’s, Batman has been perhaps one of the most popular and successful character lines ever created. Flourishing briefly in the 1930s and 40s as a movie serial and then 1960’s as a television show and cartoon, it wasn’t until Tim Burton’s seminal BATMAN in 1989 that the character fully breathed life as a full-fledged character. Since that time there have been five feature films (one of which was actually worthy of the title, and the most recent Dark Knight appropriately titled as it really has nothing to do with Batman….uugghh), as well as least four distinct animated series (again, only one of which could be considered perfect, that being the first one). But enough of this sappy nostalgic wallowing, ON to the FUTURE…or is it BACK….to the…Past..? Continue reading “Batman: The Brave and the Bold-New Series Impressions!”

Birds of Prey DVD Review reviews the DVD collection of Birds of Prey the TV Show.

This DVD features all 13 episodes of the series. It also has 30 episodes of the Flash Animated web series Gotham Girls and the Birds of Prey un-aired TV pilot.

This show originally aired on the WB.

I personally do not recommend anyone buy, rent, or even touch this DVD. It’s a waste of time and production effort.

If you think that I’m totally out of my mind for saying such things, let me know. I like to read absurd comments.

The Batman Season 5 – Review

I was never a fan of Kid’s WB’s The Batman. I saw the pilot and was left with a ‘meh’ feeling. The direction the series took was more light-hearted than Batman: The Animated Series, so should I bother to watch the same origin stories of The Dark Knight if they aren’t entertaining?

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