The Dark Knight’s Two-Face revealed, looks truly OMFGWTF

Harvey Dent

It seems that The Dark Knight and awesomeness go hand-in-hand. After the devastatingly awesome trailer that came on earlier this week, we now have a secretly leaked image of Two-Face, the movie’s second villain, after of course, The Joker.

While The Joker has been the movie’s poster boy, poor old Two-Face has gotten hardly any attention other than as Harvey Dent the politician. But don’t underestimate him. If ye be not afraid of spoilers, hit the jump to find out what Two-Face truly looks like in the film.

You will be amazed. ***THE DARK KNIGHT SPOILERS BELOW***

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The Dark Knight Teaser Poster’s out!

Dark Knight poster cropped

Among the movies I’m looking forward to the most next year is The Dark Knight, the promising sequel to Batman Begins. Since Batman Begins is the only superhero movie I can bear and like (except for some ridiculous bits like Ra’s al Ghul’s involvement and such), I am naturally excited for its sequel. While its teaser trailer appears to be a way off, we certainly have news in the teasing section.

SuperHeroHype got the official The Dark Knight teaser poster! We give them their bodies’ worth of kudos and bring before you the poster itself! Click on the image below!

The Dark Knight teaser poster full

Why so serious? It ties in with the viral marketing campaign that’s being tossed around the Internet lately, and hints at the new look of The Joker. I like the way they used the new Batman logo as Joker’s lips, although Joker’s trademark smile isn’t quite viewable. 🙁