Christopher Nolan Working On Original Screenplay Next


That’s right, no Batman for you anytime soon. But Nolan’s next is almost as interesting!

Chris Nolan, director extraordinaire won’t be doing a Batman sequel next, he’s going to work on an original screenplay he wrote titled Inception.

It’s going to be a sci-fi action film (wait, Chris Nolan doing sci-fi? Awesome!) and will be ready for a Summer 2010 release. No other info as yet, other than the man’s own words: “a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind”.

Architecture of the mind? Kind of sounds like the Matrix. Enough to get me all excited, at any rate. I’ve loved all of Nolan’s movies so far and I hold him as one of my favourite contemporary directors. Hope Inception works out well!

Nolan is also working on a film adaptation of the classic British television series “The Prisoner”, but there’s no word on its production as yet. Another project to keep an eye on for sure, seeing as how I have a friend driving me crazy to watch that damn series.

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