Birds of Prey DVD Review reviews the DVD collection of Birds of Prey the TV Show.

This DVD features all 13 episodes of the series. It also has 30 episodes of the Flash Animated web series Gotham Girls and the Birds of Prey un-aired TV pilot.

This show originally aired on the WB.

I personally do not recommend anyone buy, rent, or even touch this DVD. It’s a waste of time and production effort.

If you think that I’m totally out of my mind for saying such things, let me know. I like to read absurd comments.

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One thought on “Birds of Prey DVD Review”

  1. Wasn’t this the unofficial prequel to Smallville on the WB? I recall a promo trailer with awful graphics just before it aired. Perhaps given time it will be seen as good, just like the Batman series from decades ago. Pow!

    As for being good, never seen an episode and unless I have to for work purposes don’t plan to even though a serious sci-fi fan.

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