Best Moments of 2008 – This Post isn’t like other sites

Insert random picture from 2008.
Insert random picture from 2008 - Done.

We are original here at StuffWeLike. We don’t simply replicate articles found on other websites. That’s why… oh wait we do. But that’s not that point. This post is our Best of 2008. It’s not listing the best written articles on the website. It simply lists what I think are the most entertaining posts throughout each month. Be prepared to do something. Continue reading “Best Moments of 2008 – This Post isn’t like other sites”



Not Reality. Actuality.


That’s the slogan for the new truTV. Court TV has a new name and feel to its channel after sluggish ratings. I’ve been watching the new channel for a couple of hours now and I will say I’m “addicted.” truTV is the channel to turn to when you’re bored out of your mind and have nothing else to watch. It’s fixation on action packed real-life drama is actually entertaining. Much like Spike TV was when it first launched except truTV has brand-new like Ocean Force and Most Shocking. Check this channel out and become “addicted!”