Victoria 2 Goes Gold, Pre-Order Now Available

And does Paradox know how to celebrate: hit the jump for a brand new trailer, along with details on what you get if you decide to pre-order.
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“Spartan” Being Developed By Ex-Age of Empires Devs

This is same “Project S” strategy game were saw in the last post. Turns out it’s coming out for Windows! More after the break.
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Microsoft is Alpha-Testing Strategy Game Codenamed “Project S”

Has been described as “groundbreaking” and “giant, revolutionary step for PC strategy games.” Microsoft Kinect-based real-time strategy?
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Terry Deary’s “Horrible Histories” to get Video Games!

Horrible Histories

Now if one of my favourite book series as a kid are Goosebumps, another will be Horrible Histories. Written by Terry Deary, Horrible Histories are essentially history books. They tell you history. But there’s a twist. They tell you the more horrible, the gorier, the more twisted parts of history. The sort your history teacher doesn’t.

Interestingly, there’s going to be an expansion to the franchise. While we won’t be seeing a movie for it, like Goosebumps (hmm, interesting idea), Horrible Histories will be going into the video games arena, with developer Slitherine Strategies taking it up.

If you’ve never heard of Slitherine, do not despair, for you haven’t missed anything. Slitherine’s previous works appear to be rather obscure titles I’ve never heard of either. Still, I think it should be in the right hands, since all of Slitherine’s previous works have been historical strategy games.

To be entirely honest. I’m not sure how a strategy game on Horrible Histories will work out. HH is more about the obscure facts and secrets of histories that were either distorted or maybe censored in time. How can you convert a series like that into a strategy game?

And the second focus of Horrible Histories is humour (and black humour at that). The last game I’ve seen that was actually funny would be Psychonauts. Okay, there’s Portal too. My point being, comedy in video games is an art. How well will Slitherine capture it?