“Spartan” Being Developed By Ex-Age of Empires Devs

This is same “Project S” strategy game were saw in the last post. Turns out it’s coming out for Windows! More after the break.

Kotaku has managed to grab a bigger bite on the mysterious Microsoft-published strategy game we just learned of today.

Turns out the game’s developers are Robot Entertainment, who are composed of veterans of the Ensemble Studios, the developer responsible for the legendary Age of Empires franchise as well as Halo Wars. In fact, according to Kotaku’s scoop, the gameplay will be very similar to the Age of Empires games as well, which is best news I’ve heard all week.

Apparently the game is being named “Spartan” for now at least, and is set in the real Spartan era (madness and “this is Sparta” quotes included?). It also apparently includes quests and crafting, judging by the launcher’s screenshot, which can only mean that this is something of a role-playing strategy hybrid game.

Since there has been no official announcement of the product yet, we don’t know the specifics, but we do know now that the game is coming out for Games for Windows LIVE at the very least.

One feature I’m looking forward to the most? The ability to fight in the shade.

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