How Much Did Deus Ex: Human Revolution Sell?

Or are these sales figures all part of a larger conspiracy?
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Dragon Age 2 Demo Review- PC Edition

If you liked Dragon Age Origin‘s story but hated the slow combat and dated graphics, then I got great news: Dragon Age 2 is the game for you.

In the original game, when you would attack an enemy, you would have to select you enemy then queue up your attacks, one after the other at an agonizingly slow pace. Now it’s set up like an action MMO, where you have an action bar of all your powers. Each time you select a power, it activate, then it goes on cooldown a short time.

The visuals are stunning in Dragon Age  2. The original I thought looked about three years older than it actually was, but not so for the stunning sequel.  The graphics are crisp and the animation is dynamic. The updated Whirlwind attack for warriors is incredible: all of the Darkspawn around me got cut in half: torsos, heads, and blood were flying everywhere.

Dialogue is improved as you. Not only does your character have a voice, but it lets you know what the different dialogue options represent via icons: the red hammer and gavel represents the tough guy route, the green olive branch presents the peaceful path, and the comedy mask is the smartass remark that is most likely to get you slapped.

Best of all, if you complete the demo before the 31st, you get Hayder’s Razor, an ancient dwarven blade which increases health, mana, and combat abilities.

“Spartan” Being Developed By Ex-Age of Empires Devs

This is same “Project S” strategy game were saw in the last post. Turns out it’s coming out for Windows! More after the break.
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Dragon Age 2 To Be Revealed Tomorrow?

Or is it DLC with extended sex scenes?
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