To The Moon goes To The Retail

The journey To The Moon, begins with a journey to your nearest video game store.

Lace Mamba Global, British game distributors have picked on one of last year’s most charming indie titles, To The Moon. Developed by one Kan Gao, the game’s excellence in storytelling and music was recognised by Gamespot, Wired and indieDB (apart from thousands of happy patrons such as myself). And now, the game comes to retail! As a boxed, breathable, touchable, molestable product!

Well hold your horses and keep that astronaut suit aside for a moment, because the only territories announced so far are assorted European countries. The game will be priced £14.99 for a July 7th 2012 release in the UK and Ireland, while August 31st sees the release for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, “as well as further territories worldwide”. Needless to say, the game is still PC exclusive. Now we don’t quite know if that means it will be coming out in North America, or Djibouti, but if it doesn’t, and you still want to play it rather badly, find a means of Internet communication, and download the (rather small) game – using legal means, of course. One such legal mean being the developer’s official site.

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