Microsoft is Alpha-Testing Strategy Game Codenamed “Project S”

Has been described as “groundbreaking” and “giant, revolutionary step for PC strategy games.” Microsoft Kinect-based real-time strategy?

According to Kotaku‘s Intelligence Bureau, Microsoft is currently working on nuclear weapons a new strategy game, which is a rare genre for Microsoft, whose only famous RTSs were the Age of Empires games and Halo Wars.

Supposedly, Microsoft is alpha-testing the game right now and the people testing it report being asked whether they have played games like Warcraft III, Age of Empires, Farmville, among other games. Probably a clue that the game will not be focused on hardcore fans and should cater to more novice strategy players.

The game is being described internally by Microsoft as “groundbreaking,” “giant, revolutionary step for PC strategy games,” which makes me wonder if they’re working on a real-time strategy game for Microsoft Kinect. Doesn’t sound very far-fetched: if there’s one genre Micorosft can capitalise on with Kinect that Sony and Nintendo cannot, it has to be strategy, especially real-time strategy. Think about it: Minority Report-style menus, voice commands, maybe even face-to-face diplomacy. Sounds groundbreaking to me.

We don’t know what consoles the game will be released on, but being Microsoft, it’s a pretty good bet that Xbox 360 is involved. What we do know is that the game is being internally referred to as “Project S” or “Spartan”, which paints it as a pretty open clue to be a Halo game, but there’s a twist:

Remember Codename: Kingdoms from E3? We don’t know what genre it is, but it does seem to involve ancient gladiatorial warriors. Maybe it can be stretched to involve real Greek Spartans? Check out the trailer below:

To add to the argument, we don’t know which developer is currently working on “Project S”, so it very well could be Crytek. But we’ll never know for certain until Microsoft reveals something themselves, till then we should keep asking ourselves “Who shall stand?”

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