Victoria 2 Demo Puts You In Control of US

If you’re unsure about buying the full game, this demo will help sate your curiosity.

As the redcoats of Paradox Interactive march to August 13th with their recently golded super-strategy game Victoria 2, they have noticed the many downtrodden, unwashed masses who have not had the pleasure (or the patience) to play through one of their super-humongously-complex strategy games, like Hearts of Iron or Europa Universalis.

So for all of them, and the rest of you hungry fans who couldn’t wait another minute to get your hands on some Victorian goodness, Paradox has released the game’s official demo here on FilePlanet. Clocking in at 355 MB, which is fairly reasonable by modern, un-Victorian standards, the demo lets you play as the United States in 1836, stretching on to 15 years from there.

According to the description, you will control the US at a “crucial junction in the history of the Union”, which, to my ears sounds like being thrust into the American Civil War and told to keep your ground, jolly good, eh wot. Regardless of whether that sounds appealing or not, the demo does cover everything important about Victoria 2, so if you want get warmed up before release, or explore how this game is, give this one a spin.

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