Triage – Blu-ray Review

War movies have been a part of cinema since the early days. Whether it was a film about the rigors of war, the technical aspects of battle, or the stories of men and women who fight for their respective countries, war at the movies has captivated audiences with its thought-provoking messages.

The majority of war-based film revolves around military-based characters. Others revolve around the civilians caught in the midst of the raging battle. From big wars to small, the movies have utilized numerous stories to show us humanity, patriotism, savagery, and sacrifice on a grand scale.

Triage takes a look at what happens when a war photojournalist finds himself a little too close to the action. Colin Farrell delivers an amazing performance as Mark Walsh; a man who’s determined to do whatever it takes to get the perfect shots of battle, death, and carnage no matter the risk.

Mark’s friend and fellow photojournalist is along for the ride, but the intensity of the situation results in him walking away from the job.

When the risks Mark takes during one assignment nearly kill him, his ability to keep his work and private life separate begins to deteriorate. Upon hearing that his friend never returned home, guilt starts to seep into his world like never before.

Suddenly pictures bring back graphic memories, he can’t think straight, and he alienates his family and friends. Will Mark be able to return to how he was before? Or do his psychological battle scars run too deep?

This is a powerful film that gives delves into the psyche of the main character and the guilt he feels as a result of his choices and actions associated with his career. If you’re into films that explore the psychological impact of war, I highly recommend Triage. It’s a superb and at times chilling film.

Blu-ray special features include the Making of Triage; B-Roll Footage of the film shoot; Soundbites from the cast and crew; and the film’s Trailer (also below).

For a thought-provoking war film with stellar performances, I recommend Triage.

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Triage is available NOW on DVD and Blu-ray.

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