Will Wright’s Top 5 Favourite Video Games!

Tired of random bloggers and trolls and other nobodies listing their top 5 video games, lists that nobody cares about? Now read it from game designer extraordinaire, Will Wright, creator of Spore, Emperor of Maxis and a Geek Hero. Here’s Will Wright’s 5 favourite games, straight from MSNBC.

The ‘Civilization’ series

“I think the strategic diversity of ‘Civilization’ always interested me. There’s just so many different strategic approaches to playing the game.”

‘Grand Theft Auto’ series

“It’s such an open-ended world … you can actually be very nice in the world and drive an ambulance around saving people, or you can be very mean. The game doesn’t really force you down one path or the other unless you’re playing the missions. For me, it’s not really about the missions, it’s about the open-endedness … going out and living a life in this little simulated city. It’s like a big playground.”

‘Battlefield’ series

“I really liked the first one the best – ‘Battlefield 1942.’ I’m a big World War II history buff. It’s a team-based shooter but it’s about the only team-based shooter that I can remember where half the time I’m playing, I’m laughing. It’s humorous because of the weird things that happen. It very much feels like kids playing in the backyard, cowboys-and-Indians-type thing. It’s not so much gritty reality as it is a bunch people just having fun in a multiplayer environment.”

Advance Wars’ on the DS

“This is a turn-based strategy game on the DS. I used to play these board games as a kid – these elaborate, real board games, so it’s kind nostalgic for me, for that reason.”

‘Flight Simulator’ series

“Even though this isn’t a game, one of my very first introductions to computer games was the original ‘Flight Simulator.’ The original one was black-and-white, with wireframe graphics and before Microsoft bought it, Bruce Artwick designed it. It was this little micro world inside the computer that always fascinated me.”

Spore’s Miniature Billboard’s So Small, You Need a Telescope!

Spore Billboard
Spore Billboard

EA’s definitely gone for some innovative marketing when it comes to Spore! This billboard, located in San Francisco’s Union Square is so small, you need a telescope to see it! They probably resisted the urge to make it microscopic, if you ask me.

The billboard is of a miniature size 14″ by 6″, and as you can probably guess, not very visible to the naked eye. EA has, therefore, cut your cost of buying a new telescope by adding one of their own:

Snazzy Telescope
Snazzy Telescope

I particularly like that telescope more than anything else. Cool sea blue, smooth and sexy (almost phallic, we might say) and totally awesome-looking. There’s no reason why EA shouldn’t be selling that; people will buy that!

Since a trip to San Francisco might a bit too much for viewing EA’s advertising expertise, check out what the billboard actually looks like below. And don’t be such a snob: donate some, goddamit! There are microorganisms dying for your DNA!

Spare some!
Spare some!

Source: Kotaku

Spore already Cracked, Torrented

Spore Screenshot

Who would have thunk it? Even though the game’s North American release date is still some 4 days off, Pirates of the High Internets have already gotten their measly hands on Spore and are evolving creatures as we speak! That’s right, Spore has been cracked and uploaded on a variety of BitTorrent trackers.

I quick search shows that every major tracker has taken it up and there seem to be dozens of torrents for this. All, of course, trace their roots to the masterful crack team RELOADED. There are thousands of peers and seeds on, so it looks like a lot of people want a shot at Spore before release date.

The torrents are clocking in at 3.39 GB. According to rumours, the leak itself came from some Australian retail stores selling the game way before release time, and then it hits the Internet for the world to enjoy. I’m guessing there won’t be any multiplayer or Internet connectivity in it, like the cracked version of that Spore Creature Creator.

Of course, without Internet connectivity, the game is pretty much poop. Still, that rarely stops pirates, arr!