Spore: The Movie, how do you make a movie about life?

Spore box art

I know that Electronic Arts was really trying to push Spore into a multi-franchise property, but I didn’t know it was popular enough to make a worthy film out of. Continue reading “Spore: The Movie, how do you make a movie about life?”

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs teaser trailer

Ice Age 3 Screenshot

One of my favouritest animated films of all time is Ice Age, and for that effort alone I am willing to check out any sequel it gets, regardless of quality. Now, I’m the sort of guy who thinks Ice Age 2 wasn’t really that bad a movie – sure, it was too commercial and it wasn’t as charming as the first, but it wasn’t disastrous either.

This time, in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs it seems that the trio is faced with another problem: dinosaurs! This seems a little weird, because I’m no paleontologist, but didn’t dinosaurs exist before mammoths, sabretooths and sloths? And also, in the first movie we had humans and Flintstones mythos aside, everyone knows that dinosaurs existed way before humans.

What is the mystery here, then? Is this a prequel, or do our heroes find some secluded island inhabited by dinosaurs, taking a jab at Jurassic Park? Whatever the case, take a look at the teaser trailer and decide!

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