Ray-Ban folding sunglasses: a good look?

Ray-ban folding wayfarer sunglasses

One thing we know for sure about sunglasses is they look cool. They also make some people look cooler than they might be. Just pop a pair of shades on anyone and presto-they take on a  new-found coolness that we just can’t get from our peepers.

But looking at these Folding Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses has made me wonder; are sun-goggles that fold away still as cool?

Let’s discuss.

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Kid burns school, church; posts on GameFAQs


Stupidity on the Internet is no new phenomenon, but it turns scary when the same idiot on those YouTube comments ends up being a douchebag in real life as well. Such is the tale of a geeky teenager who asked on GameFAQs whether he should burn a school or church. And he did.

To find out how kids do the darndest things these days, hit the jump (there’s a video, too!).

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