When jeans go bad

Jeans that make you go “ugh”

Ever since Levi’s made jeans there’s been no turning back. It’s amazing to think a bit of cloth styled in a certain way would have such an impact on our clothing choices to this day. It’s hard to imagine life without jeans.

No matter how into or out of fashion you are chances are that you often wear them. I mean who never wears jeans. Everybody does. From toddlers to oldies everybody dons a bit of denim now and then.

But what happens when they go bad? Continue reading and I’ll show you. Make sure you’ve got your safety goggles on.

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The Makool Moustache Comb: tidy those loose whiskers


Now here’s a sight we don’t see much these days. It’s a bloke combing his moustache…with a comb!

In fact, have moustaches ever really taken off for young people? I suppose there’s the Justin Timberlake beard/tache combo, and Jonny Depps fine example of a whiskered man but that’s about it for popular influences.

If, however you decide to go the way of the furred lip then you could do worse than the Makool moustache comb, priced at $120.

If the sight of a man combing his beard with a comb is not one of true manliness, then I just don’t know what is. I just don’t.

Spotted at Brandish

Be a night-rider with TAG Heuer’s Night Vision Glasses


Usually we wouldn’t make such a big deal of driving glasses.

But this fetching pair designed for 24 hour Le Mans drivers from TAG Heuer makes me want to go driving late into the night, even if I have nowhere to go.

No word on price, but I suspect twilight driving in these will cost a fair few bucks.   


The Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt: An April Fool’s prank turned real


Over at ThinkGeek they had the above T-Shirt advertised claiming it was the answer to all of life’s mundane problems. That being the often mundane nature of life. 

It was hailed as the Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt. The piece of clothing that would enhance your life by adding music to it, thanks to a built-in speaker and remote control.

It was, of course a load of baloney. But due to popular demand it is being turned into a real product.

The T-Shirt works by playing pre-recorded sounds at the press of a button of the wearers choosing. So for example, if on a romantic date with your other half press the button which plays a romantic theme or jingle etc. 

Although I wouldn’t be caught wearing one, gotta admit the design look’s pretty cool.Sound like your thing? Then get your name on the list, over here.      

Diesel watch gets all OLED’d up


Being a fan of watches Im always on the lookout for cool wrist adornments, but Im a little split over this one here. It’s one of the latest from fashion house-Diesel, who do make some neat timepieces.

The DZ7086 (catchy, eh?) features a dual color OLED display, technology normally used in mobile phones, and possibly in future televisions. It comes in a stainless steel casing, with plastic and has a leather strap.

Want? Then hit up the product page.

The Nixon Murf Watch


Style: you either have it or you don’t. Well, these timekeepers from Nixon certainly do. Coming out in a range of colors-they just ooze cool, no matter which finish you go for.

The Nixon Murf watches offer Japanese quartz movement with a retro-looking dial showing hours and minutes and has an LED light, so the night need not rob you off the sight of your new wrist adornment.

The band is stainless steel with the usual butterfly clasp to secure it, as a jealous glance of this watch would make anyone want to prise it from your wrist.

We just love the retro simplicity of the collection, though for something different, the wood flavor looks particularly awesome and a deviation from the usual stainless steel facias to be found on the high street.

Prices range from $300-$350. If you’re just as lovestruck, you can purchase them right: