Shinoda Plasma to out Flexi-telly


OLED telly boxes are all the rage these days. They are about as thin as a MacBook Air and make a delightful change from the backbreaking TV’s of yesteryear.

I still own one of those Sony Wega flatscreen televisions which were the one of the big (literally) things at the time, a model now usurped by the current Sony Bravia LCD’s which I also own and are great.

But what’s the next step in the evolution of Television.

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The UFO watch: now ready for probing


Having been a gadget news and reviews writer for quite some time I’ve seen my share of the sublime and ridiculous in the world of tech. But here’s something that’s a little out of this world-the U200i UFO watch (cringe).

In terms of the sublime and ridiculous I’m not sure where this fits in. It certainly is different. Not only is it a watch, but an MP3 player and cell phone.

OK, so most of the latest mobile phones have music playing capabilty, and they can also tell the time-believe it or not. But I’ve never seen a mash-up quite like this. It looks like something that should have been in the Back To The Future films.

Click ahead for more details and a closer look.

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The Philips DCP951/37: catchy name…cool looks


It’s always good to see gadgets that look like they have a bit of style and substance, shame about the name though. It’s the Philips DCP951/37 Docking Entertainment System.

Gorgeously draped in a piano-black finish the player packs quite a fair amount of features to go with its 9-inch LCD screen and ability to play music and video from your iPod whilst charging it up.

Other features include:

  • Built-in SD/MMC card slot
  • Playback for DVD, DVD+/R and DVD+/-RW, (S) VCD, DivX and MPG4 formats
  • Rechargeable battery with enough time for up to 2.5 hours of video  

Want? Then head over to Amazon, where it can be yours for $199


LG T80: Look’s like the iPhone. But isn’t…


Why is it that more and more music players, personal media players and mobile phones look like the iPhone? Coincidence? Perhaps.

Anyway, here’s the latest iPhone lookalike. It’s the LG T80 personal media player. It comes in a black casing and has a battery life of around 2 hours if you feel the need to watch TV on it, or 5.5 hours if just watching downloaded videos. 

Other features include-: 

  •  3″ 420 x 240 resolution touch screen display
  • Support for MPEG, WMA, OGG, WAV, ASF, JPEG, TXT formats
  • DVB-T tuner  
  • Built-in microphone

  LG T80 PMP  

The Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt: An April Fool’s prank turned real


Over at ThinkGeek they had the above T-Shirt advertised claiming it was the answer to all of life’s mundane problems. That being the often mundane nature of life. 

It was hailed as the Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt. The piece of clothing that would enhance your life by adding music to it, thanks to a built-in speaker and remote control.

It was, of course a load of baloney. But due to popular demand it is being turned into a real product.

The T-Shirt works by playing pre-recorded sounds at the press of a button of the wearers choosing. So for example, if on a romantic date with your other half press the button which plays a romantic theme or jingle etc. 

Although I wouldn’t be caught wearing one, gotta admit the design look’s pretty cool.Sound like your thing? Then get your name on the list, over here.