The UFO watch: now ready for probing


Having been a gadget news and reviews writer for quite some time I’ve seen my share of the sublime and ridiculous in the world of tech. But here’s something that’s a little out of this world-the U200i UFO watch (cringe).

In terms of the sublime and ridiculous I’m not sure where this fits in. It certainly is different. Not only is it a watch, but an MP3 player and cell phone.

OK, so most of the latest mobile phones have music playing capabilty, and they can also tell the time-believe it or not. But I’ve never seen a mash-up quite like this. It looks like something that should have been in the Back To The Future films.

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I particularly like the retro, but at the same time futuristic dialing pad layout with it’s beautiful glowing keys when in use. It doesn’t actually look that bad when closed, though it’s a bit too clunky for me personally.


As well as all the basic features you’d expect from a cell phone like SMS and MMS capability, alarm function and voice memo the U200i UFO’s features include-

  • 1.5 inch touchsreen displaying 26 thousand colors.
  • MP3 player
  • 1.3 MP camera
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • E-Book reader

It may lack 3G and HSDPA but if you’re the type to buy this you probably wouldn’t care. Want? Then you can get it here for $234.99.

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Author: Stephen Ebert

Stephen Ebert is a London-based journalist currently blogging about gadgets, toys and video games as well as fashion and style related goodness at StuffWeLike. He's also a staff writer at the London based gadget and technology website Absolute Gadget having had previous brief stints at magazines in the UK such as T3 Home, GQ,, Total Film and FourFourTwo.

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