Shinoda Plasma to out Flexi-telly


OLED telly boxes are all the rage these days. They are about as thin as a MacBook Air and make a delightful change from the backbreaking TV’s of yesteryear.

I still own one of those Sony Wega flatscreen televisions which were the one of the big (literally) things at the time, a model now usurped by the current Sony Bravia LCD’s which I also own and are great.

But what’s the next step in the evolution of Television.

As good as OLED televisions are it takes a lot to beat this. Shinoda Plasma have outed a prototype flexible display coming in at a waif-like 1mm thick. It’s pretty big too at 125 inches.

It will be shown off at InfoCom 2008, presumably to jealous glances at Vegas next month. The company is also working on a 150-incher.

Well, perhaps they may not be used for the home but it sounds like the stuff of futuristic dreams.

I can imagine these screens being used in the future like some kind of moving advertising poster or screensavers replacing traditional walls in shopping centres, it’s like something out of Minority Report.

How cool would that be?


Author: Stephen Ebert

Stephen Ebert is a London-based journalist currently blogging about gadgets, toys and video games as well as fashion and style related goodness at StuffWeLike. He's also a staff writer at the London based gadget and technology website Absolute Gadget having had previous brief stints at magazines in the UK such as T3 Home, GQ,, Total Film and FourFourTwo.

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