Sony to out Worlds smallest HD camcorder this May


I’ve always got the impression that camcorders seem like a forgotten gadget. Of course loads of people use them, but as more and more people use their camera phones and conventional cameras to record video footage anyway is a dedicated camcorder worth it?

Sure it is.

As we become more accustomed to the HD revolution we won’t accept anything to be seen on our screens that is less than full HD. And as good as camera phones and conventional cameras are they are nowhere near that standard.

Out in less than two months is this dinky lil’ video capturer from Sony called the HDG-TG1 Handycam. It will retail for around $900 and features the following: 

  • Records video in full 1080p HD
  • Audio records in 5.1 channel surround
  • Built in zoom microphone
  • Carl Zeiss  Vario -Tessar 10x zoom optical lens
  • Ability to capture 4 megapixel still images
  • Face detection technology
  • Titanium body
  • Memory Stick PRO Duo slot
  • 2.7″ touch panel LCD display

Want? The check out the Sony press site, here, for more info.    

Big boys toys: Lego MP3 player and iPod dock


Ah, Nostalgia. What a wonderful thing it is reminiscing about the days when we used to play with Lego. Speaking of which, check out this flashback inducing MP3 player from Homade, made from the colored buliding blocks. Well not quite, since they aren’t an official Lego product. Still, they look exactly like the building blocks of our youth.

Read on for the whole collection and the lego-like iPod dock.

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The Vers 2X iPod dock-The eco-friendly music player

Vers 2X environmentally-friendly iPod dock

We’ve perhaps been guilty of posting one-too-many iPod docks. But here’s one ‘pod player we couldn’t ignore-the Vers 2X

It’s possibly the most environmentally-friendly iPod dock around, and a real beauty too. Continue reading “The Vers 2X iPod dock-The eco-friendly music player”

Sony launches new full-spec Blu-Ray player

Sony BDP-S550 Blu-Ray player

HD-DVD players, look away now because what you see before you is one of Sony’s latest line of Blu-Ray players.

This here (above)-is the Sony BDP-S550 and is the more well endowed of the new players to hit the market in the summer.

It will be able to access new features such as BonusView and BD-Live, which will allow wise Blu-Ray adopters to update their players online via its own ethernet port.

It also has 1GB of storage, 7.1-channel audio outputs and of course there is full 1080p hi-def goodness for the clearest, most vibrant picture possible.

Those wanting to get their mitts on it will have to wait for summer when it will cost $500. Check out the press site for more info.

The Blu-Ray era is well and truly underway.

iPod shuffle: small music player, small price

iPod shuffle shuffles its price 

 Apple have decided to lower the price of the iPod shuffle.

You can now snatch a 1GB model for $49, or if you wish part with $69 for the incoming 2GB bite-sized music player.

Good news for music fans, not so good for those that purchased a shuffle yesterday.

HD-DVD bites the dust, Blu-Ray cleans up

Blu-Ray wins the format war

It had tech-fanatics going at each other, had two major games consoles squaring up and even had Hollywood studios scratching their heads, but now the hi-def format war is over with Blu-Ray coming out on top.

The Tosh announced today they were planning to halt production, but would still give technical support to those with HD-DVD players and discs.

The result is hardly a surprise given that Warner Bros and most recently Best Buy and Wal Mart had given up on HD-DVD.

This could affect the console war too. 

Sony’s Playstation 3 is now the most affordable Blu-Ray player around, and since Blu-Ray is now the sole high-definition format- this could increase PS3 sales.  

Roll on the next tech-war.