The Vers 2X iPod dock-The eco-friendly music player

Vers 2X environmentally-friendly iPod dock

We’ve perhaps been guilty of posting one-too-many iPod docks. But here’s one ‘pod player we couldn’t ignore-the Vers 2X

It’s possibly the most environmentally-friendly iPod dock around, and a real beauty too. Encased in a sweet looking cherry-veneered wooden cabinet with wood from sustainable plantains-the 2X is a naturally good-looking piece of kit, standing out from its surgically enhanced pouty plastic counterparts in the dock market.

It promises room-filling sound courtesy of its 3-inch full range speakers offering 20 watts per channel and class -D amplifier.  

And if you haven’t or don’t wish to buy into Steve Jobs white earphone-filled utopia then the 2X also comes with a universal dock for other MP3 players (whatever those are, some might say).

Also in the package (which is 100% recycled) is a cool looking brushed metal remote.

Who said being eco-friendly was unsexy?

You can get your green tinged hands it for around $159. Check out where from, here.

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